Chef Nir Zook

Nir Zook is the chef and owner of Cordelia Plaza, opened in 1999. The place captures the Chef’s unique personality and provides a culinary experience filled with joy, satisfaction, and a feel of creative work. Since his childhood days in Kfar Varburg, a “moshav” in the south if Israel, Zook has been surrounded by fields of fruits and vegetables and has taken active part in running the family farm. Thus, from an early age Zook knew he would become a chef that cooks and hosts. He then proceeded to getting his culinary education in San Francisco and France, and became a well-known chef. Among his many accomplishments, Chef Zook has hosted a number of Israeli TV shows featured on mainstream channels, published several cookbooks (including “The Vegetables Book”, co-written by Elinoar Rabin), and maintains a food column on YNET website. Additionally, Chef Zook is the creator of “Nir Zook Magazine”, an online culinary magazine, distributed weekly to tens of thousands of subscribers.

Zook has taken part in a number of successful culinary ventures. He co-founded the “Black-out” restaurant in Jaffa, where blind waiters serve customers. He initiated the opening of several culinary markets and established a natural foods factory, which was active for many years.

Furthermore, Zook has a few more sources of pride: he represented Israeli cuisine in a number of events held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the celebration of 40 years of Israeli-German diplomatic relations, where he was invited to cook alongside a German chef; in 2005 Zook cooked a meal in honor of promoting relations with Kazakhstan; in 2013 he cooked a special meal in Tokyo for the heads of the local culinary scene.