Cordelia Bistro

The birth of Cordelia Bistro was inspired by the French tradition of opening a Bistro next to a chef restaurant. The tradition originated in the times of Napoleon from the need to serve soldiers who wanted to enjoy a good meal but had no spare time for a tasting experience of 9 or 10 courses, as was customary in those days. To this end, many French chefs opened Bistros next to their flagship establishments. Many years after the French Revolution, Chef Zook has carried on this tradition by opening a Bistro version of his successful Cordelia, here in Israel. The Bistro shares a kitchen with the restaurant, offering a menu of carefully constructed dishes and a laid-back, informal culinary experience. The materials used in the kitchen are of the highest quality. Everything is fresh and homemade, including the breads, pastas and desserts. The Bistro is located in a classic Jaffa-esque alley, closed-off by Chef Zook and restored to reminisce of the old Jaffa from years ago. Many fascinating spaces and niches can be found in the Bistro. The customers can sit in a covered patio, or in a fascinating, high-ceiling space of the Bistro. The design of the place includes artifacts collected by Chef Nir Zook from his world travels as well as from the nearby Jaffa flea market. Bistro customers are welcomed by a large and friendly bar area, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the fish pond in the entrance and a spectacular arrangement of plants and flowers, all of which create an everlasting feeling of ease and enjoyment.

The Bistro is open Monday through Saturday, from 6:30 PM until the last customer. Address: Hazorfim 14, Jaffa. Tel.: 03-5184668

ביסטרו קורדליה