Cordelia Chef Restaurant

Chef Nir Zook’s beautiful Cordelia was born in the previous century, in the year 1999. In those days, the Chef would invite friends to his home, and host famously wondrous dinners. As the demand grew, Chef Zook looked for a new home to entertain everyone, and the Jaffa pearl was born. Cordelia is a prestigious, French-influenced restaurant, serving a high-end crowd of foodies, who enjoy investing in chef cuisine. The courses served in the restaurant are French in origin and are cooked with raw Mediterranean materials found in close proximity to the restaurant itself. The breads, desserts, and pastas are baked on the spot by the team of the restaurant’s confectioners. The materials are all fresh and of the highest quality.

Not long ago, Cordelia found its new, more intimate home in the Chef Plaza. With a feel of a dreamy guest room, the picturesque space has high ceilings and arches that create an impressive and fairytale-like ambiance. Furthermore, every piece of furniture, plate and cup were personally collected by Chef Nir Zook on his travels around the world. The atmosphere in the chef restaurant is of a romantic wonderland, soothingly lit by many candles. The restaurant received its name from Shakespeare’s King Lear, Cordelia being the king’s loyal daughter.

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday, from 6:30 PM until the last customer. Address: Hazorfim 14, Jaffa. Tel.: 03-5184668

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