Chef Nir Zook invites the public to experience and learn from the secrets of his cuisine. Chef Zook holds regular workshops in the kitchen of his private home in Jaffa or in a place chosen by the participants of the event. The workshops, a place of love, creativity, passion and fun, often have a theme: intuitive cooking (cooking from the heart), cooking with market ingredients, Jaffa cuisine, and more. Workshop participants enjoy a spectacular sea view from Chef Zook’s Jaffa home, as well as an inspired home décor, which includes arched ceilings, ancient stone walls, stainless steel sinks, oak cooking surfaces, sitting counters and an inviting vibe. The workshop is 2.5-3 hours long. Workshops can be customized by theme and held at different locations of the participants’ choice.

For details please contact:  054-6617771